Valencene Citrus Flavor

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Eve valencene. A fresh alternative.

Sustainably produced valencene with a minimum purity of 98%. Perfect for flavors and fragrance applications.

The highest purity, quality and availability

Our unique fermentation technology and process results in valencene with a consistent purity.

Stringent controls and testing ensures that our valencene is always manufactured and delivered to a high standard quality.

Our product is always readily available. How do we achieve this?

By fermenting valencene we overcome common supply chain issues caused by the crop shortages that result from variable weather, disease and drought.

Brewed valencene

By brewing valencene from sugar, rather than extracting it from orange peel oil, Evolva’s process allows valencene to be made in large amounts in a highly reproducible, sustainable and affordable manner.

The importance of valencene

Valencene is an aroma ingredient present in the peel of oranges and in certain other plants. It is responsible for the characteristic smell of oranges. Until now, its use has been restricted by its high cost, limited supply and inconsistent product quality.


More sustainable and affordable

  • To obtain 1 kg of valencene requires approximately 2.5 million kg of oranges, equivalent to the annual yield of 10,000 orange trees
  • Sourcing valencene from fruit is neither sustainable nor economical, consequently, it is prohibitively expensive

Our valencene – a solution for common supply chain problems

  • No seasonal variations
  • No batch-to-batch variations
  • Consistent quality
  • A predictable and reliable supply chain

We manufacture our valencene using a unique and patented fermentation process. This is followed by further purification to tailor the specific properties, taste and aroma profiles of each product.

Product range

Valencene N

Is made by Evolva to a minimum purity of 60-70%.

Valencene N has the very raw and robust profile of a material taken directly from the fermentation process with minimum purification.

The raw nature of valencene N makes it an ideal and affordable material designed solely for further conversion into nootkatone.

Valencene D

Valencene D has been created to a minimum purity of 65-75%.

Further purification of our valencene N creates the unique taste and aroma profile. This product has been developed specifically for application in new products where a more definitive and refined
woody background profile is required.

Valencene T

Valencene T has a sweet, orange, woody, citrus profile and a minimum purity of 60-70%. It was created by Evolva for use as an affordable alternative to valencene derived from citrus.


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We would like to help solve your challenges and answer questions you might have about our valencene.

Whether you prefer to talk to a trained analytical chemist about chemical details, safety or regulatory documents please do not hesitate to contact Jean-Philippe Meyer. However, if you prefer to discuss with an F&F expert with extensive industry experience, Michael Malone will be happy to provide support, answer questions, and if required, visit you and discuss your needs in more detail.

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