Responsible Supply Chain

Evolva holds an early position in the supply chain and supports the three main aims of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Innovation with broad benefits

Our next-generation stevia will allow people to reduce sugar in their diet; when our nootkatone comes to market, we will help protect people against disease-transmitting pests; and our resveratrol promotes healthy ageing.

We focus on developing beneficial health, wellness and nutritional ingredients that due to their current cost or scarcity would not otherwise be available for mass market products. Our ingredients provide benefits to individuals, society and the environment. This is the essence of responsible innovation.

Regulations and laws

All countries in which Evolva operates have comprehensive regulations governing research into and commercial uses of biotechnology. Evolva supports the public review and expert technical/legal assessment of such regulations, and when necessary, the strengthening of laws to ensure that they continue to be fit for purpose. Our approach to innovation is fully consistent with the aims of UN Convention on Biological Diversity: 1) the conservation of biodiversity, 2) the sustainable use of its components, and 3) the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources.

Where Evolva fits in

Most ingredients today are made in one of two ways: chemically synthesized (typically from petrochemical feedstocks) or extracted and purified from agricultural materials.
For some ingredients these approaches work well and there is no role for fermentation to improve their production or properties. For many others these methods fall short – this is where Evolva fits in.

Where does science fit in?

The last few decades have seen increasing use of fermentation to make products such as insulin and vitamins. Brewed ingredients represent a natural progression of this trend. All of it has required advances in the underlying science.
Fermentation science allows ingredients to be made from baker’s yeast in a better, faster, cheaper manner.
Science gives us an improved understanding of ecology and the ability to measure the flow of energy and materials in any process. This allows us to better measure a given production method’s carbon footprint, energy input, waste output, water and land use and to identify how to reduce the overall impacts on the planet and society.

Product labelling and transparency

We do not normally get a say in what is on a consumer product’s label. We have publicly stated our views on labelling and transparency. See the Evolva statement on new GMO ingredients label law in U.S.

Giving Back

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