Stevia sweeteners

Wide utility in beverages and food.
Partnered with Cargill, brand name EverSweetTM.

Zero-calorie sweetener

Stevia sweeteners are natural, zero-calorie, high-intensity sweeteners that are typically 200-300x sweeter than sugar. Currently extracted from farm-raised stevia plants, they are the fastest growing segment in the sweetener market today, formulated in thousands of food and beverage products.

Despite the undoubted success, there is a problem with the currently available stevia sweeteners – their taste. The most prevalent stevia sweeteners in the leaf (called “RebA”) have a lingering bitter, liquorice flavor, which gets worse at higher concentrations.

Solving the taste and production conundrum

The stevia plant also makes stevia sweeteners (for example, Reb D and Reb M) that do not have taste problems. Unfortunately, these are present at very low concentrations in the leaf, well below 1%. Getting commercial volumes of such sweeteners would require large amounts of resources and end up prohibitively expensive. By making these better-tasting sweeteners using yeast fermentation, Evolva solves this problem.

Cargill partnership and progress to market: Visit Cargill’s website

In autumn 2015, our partner Cargill unveiled the branding of the next-generation zero-calorie sweetener under the name EverSweetTM. The product contains the great-tasting rebaudioside M (Reb M), and rebaudioside D (Reb D) and convincingly overcomes stevia’s previous taste issues.


EverSweet Stevia Sweetener info Page

Product information
zero-calorie Sweetener

EverSweet™ taste
Amazing zero calorie taste

Product application
Dramatic sugar redution

Why does it taste so good?

Food safety
Delicious and safe

Decreased land use, lower carbon emissions

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Alyssa Leyva


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