Evolva supports University of Toronto periodontitis research

New study examines use of resveratrol to counter gum disease

7 September 2015 – Evolva (SIX: EVE) has made a donation to the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to support a novel research initiative aimed at managing periodontitis using resveratrol. The two-year study is being conducted under the direction of Howard Tenenbaum and Michael Glogauer, Professors at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, who are developing unique strategies for healing and repairing gum tissues caused by periodontitis—using resveratrol.

This study marks the first time that human models are being used to observe the potential health benefits of pure resveratrol in relation to managing or even reversing periodontitis.

The conclusion from numerous studies and the World Health Organisation is that periodontitis is one of the world’s most common diseases. The most severe form of the disease affects an estimated 15-20% of all middle-aged adults (35-44 years old)[1]. Periodontitis can range from simple gum inflammation to a more serious disease state that results in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. Periodontitis is an “osteoimmune” condition similar to arthritis. In the worst cases of periodontitis, patients lose bone and previously healthy teeth.

An August 2015 study in The Journal of Dental Research estimated that as much as USD 54 billion is spent each year globally in an attempt to tackle periodontitis[2].

Evolva markets resveratrol as a nutritional supplement ingredient in the US and Europe, and is developing additional applications for human and animal health.

Scientists around the world are studying the potential for resveratrol – naturally occurring in the skin of red grapes, berries, peanuts and a variety of other plants ­– to promote healthy aging in humans, pets, race horses, and even aquarium fish. Most resveratrol on the market today is sourced from the roots of the Japanese knotweed plant, an invasive weed, possession of which is illegal in many countries. A small amount is made by synthetic chemistry, and an even smaller amount is extracted from grapes. Evolva’s resveratrol is brewed from baker’s yeast.



[1] World Health Organization, Oral Health, Fact sheet 318, April 2012 (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs318/en/)

[2] Listl, S., Galloway, J., Mossey, P., & Marcenes, W. (2015). Global Economic Impact of Dental Diseases. Journal of Dental Research.


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Evolva is a pioneer and global leader in sustainable, fermentation-based approaches to ingredients for health, wellness and nutrition. Evolva’s products include stevia, resveratrol, vanillin, nootkatone and saffron. As well as developing its own proprietary ingredients, Evolva also deploys its technology for partners, providing them with a competitive edge and sharing in the returns they make. For more information see www.evolva.com. Questions about our fermentation approach? Have a look at our video


Resveratrol has been widely studied, with some 6,000 papers published to date. Whilst it is perhaps most famous for driving significant extensions in life-span in animals, such effects have never been shown in humans. However, many studies in humans have shown positive effects on a wide variety of age-related health indications. A thorough review of the resveratrol literature by Novelle et al. was recently (January 2015) published in Ageing Research Reviews.


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