Evolva signs two new Distributor Agreements in Europe for Veri-teTM

3 May 2017 – Evolva announced today that it has signed distribution agreements for its Veri-teTM resveratrol in Europe with BREKO and Natural. Finding well-matched distributors is a key strategy for driving sales of Veri-te™. Both of these distributors understand high quality, branded ingredients, and work only with products backed by strong science.

These new partnerships are already bearing fruit with some of their existing customers switching established produts to Veri-te™ and others developing new products with Veri-teTM resveratrol in growing consumer markets such as eye health, bone health and Beauty from Within.

BREKO (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) (www.breko.de)

Evolva is working with BREKO to sell and distribute Veri-teTM resveratrol in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

According to Wolfgang Loersch Vice President of BREKO, the cooperation with Evolva is a great match: “We are looking forward to distributing the innovative Veri-te Resveratrol in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Veri-te Resveratrol fits perfectly in our product range of polyphenol based ingredients from grapes, olives and berries. BREKO is based in Bremen, Germany with more than 15 years of know-how in distribution and the application of polyphenolic ingredients with supporting clinical studies in cooperation with German Universities. We are delighted to offer Veri-te to our customers and also to develop formulated products with this promising ingredient. During Vitafoods we will present Soft Gums with Veri-te resveratrol.”

Natural (France) (www.natural-ingredients.fr)

Evolva have partnered with Natural to sell and distribute Veri-te™ resveratrol in France. Natural is a supplier of high quality ingredients for the dietary supplement market. We have seen that the French dietary supplement market is becoming more concerned about the presence of contaminants, such as PAHs, that are found in some sources of resveratrol. We believe Natural will be a great partner for Evolva and our 98% pure, PAH-free fermented resveratrol in the French market.

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About Veri-te™ resveratrol

Evolva launched Veri-teTM as its brand for resveratrol in February this year to further differentiate its high quality ingredient provided by a transparent and trustworthy supplier.  Veri-teTM offers the opportunity to develop a whole range of resveratrol-formulated health and wellness products. It is produced from the same natural fermentation process that has been used for years to make high-purity ingredients with uniform consistency, ranging from medicines to food ingredients. Veri-teTM is off-white in colour, odourless and tasteless. It can be readily used in a wide range of consumer health applications from food supplements (capsules, tablets, chews) and cosmetics to energy and wellness drinks and personal care products. Veri-teTM resveratrol is made under cGMP and HACCP food safety conditions and authorised for consumer use under EU Novel Foods and US Self-Affirmed GRAS. Halal and Kosher resveratrol is also available. Evolva also produce a pharma-grade resveratrol (with DMF).


About Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a compound found in red grapes, blueberries, nuts and other plants. There is already a significant body of evidence showing that resveratrol can produce a positive impact on healthy-ageing variables like heart health, bone strength, and blood-glucose control. Scientists have also found evidence in key biomarkers that resveratrol might slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and mimic the effects of a calorie-restricted diet. Studies have examined the impact of resveratrol on healthy ageing in animals, too. To date, some 9000 studies have been published on resveratrol. For more information see www.veriteresveratrol.com.

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About Evolva

Evolva solves the supply chain issues of nature through a 21st century mix of biotechnology and brewing. We develop, make and sell natural ingredients that provide significant benefits to people in daily life, but whose supply chain issues have limited their use until now. Our flagship ingredients are stevia, nootkatone and resveratrol, but we work on many more, both on our own behalf and with others. To make our world sustainable requires nature and technology to work together as one, and our aim is to play a (small) part in achieving this transformation. We operate internationally. For more information see www.evolva.com. Questions about our approach? Have a look at our video.

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