Evolva announces details of rights offering

Reinach, Switzerland, 3 September 2015 – Evolva Holding SA (SIX: EVE, “Evolva” or the “Company”) today publishes the terms of the planned rights offering. As previously announced on 26 August 2015, Evolva plans to raise new equity capital to support the stevia launch and other growth initiatives. The rights offering relates to 62,412,477 new registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 0.20 each.

Evolva shareholders will receive one subscription right for every registered share they hold on 4 September 2015 (after market close). 16 subscription rights will grant to the holder thereof the right to subscribe to 3 new shares at a subscription price of CHF 0.92 per share, subject to certain restrictions applicable to the rights offering, including restrictions under relevant securities laws.

The subscription rights will be traded on SIX Swiss Exchange from 7 September until 11 September 2015, and will be exercisable from 7 September to 16 September, 12:00 noon CEST. The listing and first trading day of the new registered shares on SIX Swiss Exchange, as well as delivery of the new registered shares against payment of the subscription price, are expected to occur on 17 September 2015.

A bank syndicate has undertaken, subject to customary conditions, to firmly underwrite all new registered shares that will be issued in conjunction with the rights offering.

Evolva anticipates raising gross proceeds of approximately CHF 57.4 million through the rights offering which are intended to be principally used to advance Evolva’s strategy of becoming an integrated supplier of high value innovative ingredients, by:

  • enhancing manufacturing infrastructure and selectively building inventory to support product roll-out. The most notable example of this could be, subject to ongoing negotiations, Evolva’s 45% share of the stevia manufacturing and supply chain costs under its collaboration with Cargill
  • further improving cost effectiveness of Evolva’s production systems through enhancing the productivity of its yeast strains, which make the various ingredients, and by optimising the down-scale processes (DSP) to recover these ingredients;
  • widening the regulatory approval of Evolva’s ingredients, including both the range of indications they are approved for, and the number of regions in which they are approved. The ingredient where Evolva envisages making the greatest regulatory investment is nootkatone;
  • creating additional technical data to support the sales of ingredients, for example increasing the range of applications for which there is positive data as to their benefits (e.g. pet health for both nootkatone and resveratrol) and by formulating them to work better for certain users (e.g. making resveratrol more soluble so it can be used more readily in drinks); and
  • deepening and widening sales channels, notably by increasing the number of key accounts that Evolva can work on at any one time and increasing the use of the internet and social media to make and support ingredient sales.
  • Furthermore, while Evolva has no current plans for acquisitions, the Company may at a later stage consider an acquisition as the most effective way of progressing its projects and strategy.


Evolva has agreed that, apart from existing employee participation plans and contractual obligations relating to the conversion agreement with Ventureast as well as earn-out payments in connection with the acquisition of Prosarix Ltd. in 2014, no additional shares will be issued or sold without the consent of the Lead Manager for a period of 180 days starting on 17 September 2015.

In addition to the rights offering, described above, Evolva SA, a subsidiary of the Company, will subscribe to 2.6 million new registered shares which will be used as treasury shares to honour the Company’s obligations under the conversion agreement with Ventureast (further details in 2014 annual report page 88).

The shareholders’ meeting of 12 May 2015 approved an authorised capital of up to 65 million registered shares for financing purposes pursuant to article 3abis of the Company’s Articles of Association. The new registered shares will be issued utilising the authorised share capital. After completion of the rights offering and the issuance of 2,587,523 new registered shares to be held in treasury, Evolva’s issued share capital will increase by CHF 13,000,000.00 to CHF 79,573,311.80 divided into 397,866,559 registered shares.


3 September 2015 Announcement of details of rights offering Publication of offering and listing prospectus
4 September 2015 After close of trading on SIX Swiss Exchange: Cut-off date for determination of existing shareholders for the entitlement of subscription rights. Shareholders who acquire registered shares after the cut-off date will acquire shares without entitlement to subscription rights
7 September 2015 Start of trading in subscription rights on SIX Swiss Exchange Start of rights exercise period
11 September 2015 End of trading in subscription rights on SIX Swiss Exchange
16 September 2015 12:00 noon CEST: End of rights exercise period
17 September 2015 Listing and first day of trading of new registered shares Delivery of the new registered shares against payment of the subscription price


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About Evolva

Evolva is a pioneer and global leader in sustainable, fermentation-based approaches to ingredients for health, wellness and nutrition. Evolva’s products include stevia, resveratrol, vanillin, nootkatone and saffron. As well as developing its own proprietary ingredients, Evolva also deploys its technology for partners, providing them with a competitive edge and sharing in the returns they make. For more information see www.evolva.com. Questions about our fermentation approach? Have a look at our video.


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