Nootkatone Flavour

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Our nootkatone. A fresh alternative.

Sustainably produced nootkatone with a minimum purity of 98%. Perfect for flavors and fragrance applications.

The highest purity, quality and availability

Our unique fermentation technology and process results in nootkatone with a purity of at least 98%.

Stringent controls and testing ensures that our nootkatone is always manufactured and delivered to a consistently high quality.

Our product is always readily available. How do we achieve this?

By fermenting nootkatone we overcome common supply chain issues caused by the crop shortages that result from variable weather, disease and drought.

A Versatile Ingredient

Nootkatone is a natural ingredient that occurs in grapefruit and certain other plants and is responsible for the characteristic smell of grapefruit. Due to its versatility it drives consumer preference across a wide range of foods and beverages along with fragrance, personal care and home products.

By brewing our nootkatone from sugar, rather than extracting it from the skin of grapefruits, Evolva’s process allows nootkatone to be made in large amounts in a highly reproducible, contaminant free, sustainable and affordable manner.

Broad safety evaluations and regulatory approvals

  • Approved food flavour
  • Approved as a fragrance ingredient
  • Consistent, guaranteed purity
  • Contaminant free
  • Produced in USA, under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) conditions
  • Certificates of origin provided


More sustainable and cost effective

  • It takes 400,000 grapefruits to produce just 1 kg of nootkatone
  • Consequently, sourcing nootkatone from the fruit is almost prohibitively expensive

An affordable solution for common supply chain problems

  • Guaranteed GMO free, no GMO labelling required
  • Highest purity available (> 98%)
  • Profile closest to Nootkatone ex citrus
  • Sustainable source material
  • No seasonal variations
  • No batch-to-batch variations
  • Consistent quality
  • Predictable, reliable supply chain
  • Continuous improvement in productivity

Product range

Nootkatone 98%

Is made by Evolva and comes as a crystalline solid with a minimum purity of 98%.

Approved Flavour and Fragrance

  • USA (21 CFR 172.515); FEMA-GRAS 3166
  • Europe (Regulation (EU) 872/2012; Council of Europe number: 11164)
  • Worldwide (JECFA, No 1398)
  • Approved as a fragrance ingredient (IFRA; Regulation (EC) 1223/2009)

Safety data

  • No sensitisation observed in humans with high purity (> 98%) nootkatone
  • Non-carcinogenic ((NTP, IARC, OSHA)
  • Non-genotoxic (EFSA)

Our nootkatone

  • Purity: > 98%
  • Molecular weight: 218.34 g/mol
  • Appearance: White solid
  • Cas #: 4674-50-4
  • Re-test date: 4 years

Organoleptic Profile

  • Nootkatone 98% has a fresh citrus, grapefruit flavour profile with woody aromas



Nootkatone 85%

Is made by Evolva with a purity of up to 85% and is in liquid form

Our nootkatone

  • Purity: > 85%
  • Molecular weight: 218.34 g/mol
  • Appearance: Clear, light to dark yellow liquid
  • Cas #: 4674-50-4
  • Re-test date: 30 months from manufacture date when stored at an ambient temperature of less than 30°C and 42 months when stored at a temperature of less than 8°C
  • Manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Food Grade

Organoleptic profile

Nootkatone 85% has a citrus, grapefruit taste with woody aromas combined with sweet orange and grapefruit peel characteristics

Valencene is made with a purity of up to 75%. Please click here to visit the page

If you have any questions about our nootkatone or just want more information please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

Jean-Philippe Meyer is a trained analytical chemist and would be happy to answer questions relating to chemical details, safety and regulatory documents.

Michael Malone our F & F expert, has an extensive industry knowledge and experience and would be happy to answer questions, and if required, visit you to discuss your potential needs in more detail.

Contact our specialists

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VP, Regulatory Affairs

+41 61 485 20 15

Michael Malone

VP, Sales and Marketing

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