This citrus ingredient is the essence of grapefruit.

Use in flavors and fragrances

Nootkatone is a citrus ingredient that is responsible for the characteristic smell of grapefruit. It is widely used fresh flavors and fragrances ingredient. Learn more on our product page

Nootkatone is a highly “substantive” citrus flavor and fragrance ingredient, a rare characteristic that enables it to last on skin and cloth for an extended period of time. This means perfumers can use nootkatone to impart a fresh clean scent that holds up over time. As such nootkatone drives consumer preference across a wide range of foods and beverages along with fragrance, personal care and home products.

Evolva’s fermentation process delivers a high and consistent quality nootkatone at significantly lower costs. Offering readily available nootkatone allows its use to expand into high-volume applications such as fragrance for personal care, hair care and laundry care products.

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