The secret to a long and healthy life

  • BBC

Eating is inextricably linked to healthy living and healthy aging, however, it appears that it is not only what we eat that matters, but how much or rather, how little.


Nuu Media predicts the future – includes Evolva as a driving force.

  • Ascension-publishing

Jim Lane presents a pragmatic view of the future which includes Evolva at the front end of the alternative sweetener market in a world where markets have all but disappeared.

Nuu Media

Why stevia can still win in soft drinks

  • just-drinks

See what beverage experts are saying about stevia.


Resveratrol may turn white fat into “healthier” brown-like fat

  • NUTRAingredients

Yes, you do need to know the difference between white and brown fat


3 Examples Of Rampant Sexism In The Non-GMO Movement

  • Forbes

Genes, biotechnology, and gender politics


CSU tests NK against Zika-infected skeeters

  • CBS Denver

TV news covers Evolva's nootkatone progress

CBS Denver