A new look at an old problem with vanilla bean

  • Scientific American

After vowing to go natural, food brands face a shortage of the favored flavour.

Scientific American

Flavours of the Future

  • Perfumer & Flavorist

What’s next? Intelligent flavors, electronic noses, and even the possibility of digitalised odors?


Madagascar’s vanilla farmers face volatile times after poor harvest

  • The Guardian

As ever, weather is the challenge for Madagascar vanilla farmers

The Guardian

The Problem with Vanilla

  • c&en

Vanilla bean demand continues to outpace supply.


The strange History of Perfume, From Ancient Roman Foot Fragrance to Napoleon’s Cologne

  • Bustle

Scent & sensibility: the peculiar history of perfume.


Flavor Ingredient Library

  • FEMA

The Flavor Ingredient Library is a step forward in food industry transparency.