Resveratrol – one of the hottest ingredients

Nutritional supplements to bring out beauty from within

Beauty through nutrition is a topic that has arguably long been under explored outside of Asia. However, there is no shortage of companies or products looking to bring this trend to the rest of the world in different ways. Today, in the first part of a special report, NutritionInsight looks at the hottest ingredients in the beauty-from-within space.

Attractive up-and-coming ingredients

As research continues to reveal just how diet and appearance interact, product developers are also following the evidence to produce further ingredients that deliver considerable skincare benefits.

Evolva is seeing an increasing number of customers in the space looking to develop products with its Veri-te resveratrol, according to Clare Panchoo, Sales and Marketing Manager (Nutrition) at Evolva.

“One of the most exciting products launched in this space last year is by our customer, Nutrinovate, an innovative Swedish company which has a patented resveratrol oral film strip product range, Reserol,” Panchoo says. “Other customers have bestseller skin care ranges with resveratrol and are now developing or have launched a resveratrol capsule product to meet this beauty inside-and-out trend.”

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