“Vanadium” is a class of high-value active ingredients for use as next-generation agricultural bioactives. Bioactives are being used increasingly around the globe because they help growers improve crop yields without any negative effects to either human health or the environment. They are used in both organic and conventional agriculture and horticulture. Along with crop rotation and integrated pest management strategies, bioactives play an important role in sustainable farming.

In 2015, Evolva entered a partnership with Valent BioSciences Corporation (VBC), a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sumitomo Chemical Company, to co-develop and commercialise ingredients which are due to competitive reasons not being identified at this time.

The collaboration started by developing yeast strains that make the desired ingredients. Evolva has the primary responsibility for this phase while VBC will be responsible for commercialisation. The companies will work together on scale-up and manufacturing. The first products from the collaboration are expected to be launched in 4-5 years.

Total spending on the project during the next five years is estimated at CHF 12-14 million. Evolva and VBC have agreed to split equally both the R&D costs and profits from active ingredient sales.

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