Overall Concept

Evolva’s technologies are based on yeast

Every day, all over the world, yeast is used to make food and drink. Breads, beers, wines and many other products are made using yeast. Many societies have been using yeast for such purposes for thousands of years. Yeast forms a normal part of our daily diet.

Yeast’s importance has led to it being well studied scientifically, and in recent years this has led it to being used in the production of not only food and food ingredients, but also pharmaceuticals and vaccines

Evolva’s approach bridges the modern and the traditional uses of yeast. On the modern side, we create yeasts with the ability to make existing and new ingredients. On the traditional side, our production methods would be recognisable to any brewer :

Despite the fact that our technology is rather complex, we use it for just two things

We create new ways to make “tried and tested” natural ingredients – for example the ingredients that make saffron look, taste and smell like saffron. The existing production methods for many such ingredients have significant problems (too expensive, too variable, not pure enough, too limited in scale, not ecologically sustainable, etc.) and by solving these problems we can widen the number of people who can enjoy, and benefit from, these ingredients.

We create novel functional compounds. Using our technologies yeast can be used to make diverse, novel, functional compounds with potential utility as novel pharmaceuticals, crop protection products etc. Manufacture of these compounds can then take place either by fermentation, or by chemical synthesis.

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