Published and Ongoing Evolva Resveratrol Studies

Published clinical studies using Evolva’s resveratrol:

  • Ornstrup, M. J., T. Harslof, T. N. Kjaer, B. L. Langdahl, and S. B. Pedersen. 2014. ‘Resveratrol increases bone mineral density and bone alkaline phosphatase in obese men: a randomized placebo-controlled trial’, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 99: jc20142799.
  • Poulsen, M.M., M.J. Ornstrup, T. Harslof, N. Jessen, B.L. Langdahl, B. Richelsen, J.O.L. Jørgensen, and S.B. Pedersen. 2014. ‘Short-term resveratrol supplementation stimulates serum levels of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase in obese non-diabetic men’, Journal of Functional Foods, 6: 305-10.


Ongoing clinical studies with resveratrol sponsored or supported by Evolva:

  • Study lead by Dr. A. Duleba (UC San Diego, USA) and B. Banaszewska (Poznan Univ., Poland). 60 18-45 y/o women for 6 months. Simvastatin (20 mg) + Evolva’s resveratrol (500 mg) daily. Focus on Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and androgen levels.
  • Study led by Dr. V. Witte (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany). 60 subjects older than 60 y/o for 6 months. Evolva’s resveratrol (200 mg) + Quercetin (320 mg) daily. Focus on cognition via Learning Scores, MRI and biomarkers.
  • Study lead by Dr. H. Tenenbaum (U. Toronto, Toronto, Canada). 40 smokers with chronic periodontitis for 6 months. Resveratrol (500 mg) daily. Focus on periodontitis via biochemical and structural parameters.
  • Study lead by Marcio Zaffalon Casati (U. Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil). 64 smokers or 6+6 months. Resveratrol (500 mg) daily. Focus on periodontitis via biochemical and structural parameters.
  • Resveratrol’s effect on glucose control & insulin sensitivity. A meta-analysis.

    A meta analysis found that resveratrol can have a positive impact on glucose control and insulin sensitivity.

    Amer. J Clin. Nutrition
  • Resveratrol induces autophagy by directly inhibiting mTOR through ATP competition

    Resveratrol's remarkable role in autophagy

    Scientific Reports
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