“Ruby” is a family of structurally related ingredients with applications in food, personal care and other markets. The identity of the Ruby family is not yet public.

In 2012, Evolva partnered certain ingredients in the Ruby family with Roquette (Lestrem, France). The partnership involves pathway creation, strain improvement and scale-up. Roquette has exclusivity for certain ingredients within the Ruby family, whilst Evolva retains all rights to others.

The partnership has progressed well, with all milestones achieved on or ahead of plan. In 2014, Roquette paid Evolva research fees and a milestone payment. Evolva’s work on the collaboration is expected to complete in summer 2015, with Evolva due a one-off payment dependent on the commercial value of the specific ingredient.

After completion of the program in summer 2015 Evolva anticipates further developing and commercialising certain of the Ruby ingredients that it retains rights to.


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