Mission & Strategy

Evolva discovers and provides innovative, high-value, sustainable ingredients, with an emphasis on health, wellness and nutrition


Why we exist

Nature, notably food, contains a treasure trove of ingredients that can improve health, wellness and nutrition.

But, most of these ingredients have “issues”. The plant or animal that makes the ingredient is too rare, too hard to grow or does not make enough of it. Hence, the ingredient is not available at the right quality or price that allows most of us to benefit from it in a sustainable manner.

Indeed, sometimes the constraints are so severe that the ingredient, for all intents and purposes, does not exist. For example, none of the many promising ingredients found in corals are in use today for the simple reason that no one knows how to sustainably and affordably farm coral.


What we do

By combining modern genetics with traditional brewing, Evolva removes these issues. We take everyday baker’s yeast and give it the same ability to make the ingredient as the original plant or animal. Now, we can make the ingredient as if it was bread or beer (minus the alcohol). The better quality, lower price and improved sustainability mean far more of us can enjoy the ingredient and its benefits.

We are a specialist brewer for the 21st century.



Evolva is a business to business company, providing ingredients (and technologies for making ingredients) to other companies, in particular in the food and beverage, personal care and consumer health sectors. We aim to be excellent at both the production of ingredients and the discovery and improvement of the benefits they bring.

We focus on high-value ingredients with relatively low production volumes where our approach can provide significant health, wellness and nutrition benefits. This both fits our strengths as an innovative, entrepreneurial company and is in line with global macro-trends (increased wealth, growing and ageing populations, climate change) that mean sustainable ways to provide healthy and attractive ingredients will remain in strong demand.

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  • Topped our upper estimate! Evolva raises CHF 86M ($86M). Cash position now > CHF 100M ($100M). https://t.co/aiPI46jsTK

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