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Below you will find a list of interesting stories in the press about Evolva.


«It would be very good to try to widen everyone’s vision of what you can do with biology – it’s not just cancer drugs» an interview with CEO Neil Goldsmith by Stephan Emmerth published on the i-net website. Click here for the article

Why ‘Natural’ Doesn’t Mean Anything Anymore an article by Michael Pollan published in the New York Times Magazine. Click here for the full article

Slate Magazine

No One Should be Afraid of Synthetic Biology-Produced Vanilla an article by Karmella Haynes published in the Slate online magazine. Click here for the article

Article about Evolva’s strategy in the Life Science Leader publication Click here for the link

Die Revolution im Süssstoffmarkt German-language article in Swiss trade press. Click here to download.

Les levures révolutionnent la production de stévia Click here for PDF

Evolva bringt Investoren in süsse Versuchung Click here for the PDF

The Sweet Smell of Microbes - Flavor and fragrance molecules MADE BY FERMENTATION promise abundance regardless of the weather. A C&EN article written by Melody M. Bomgardner. C&EN July 2012

Article written by Fran Hawthorne on biodefense in general and EV-077 in particular. - Link to the article

Evolva ist etwas anders (Evolva is different) In an article dated 14 September 2011, the Finanz und Wirtschaft journalist explains Evolva’s shift towards nutrition and consumer products. FuW September 2011

Cheaper steviol glycosides by fermentation on the horizon a article written by Jess Halliday.

Steviol glycosides produced by fermentation could be on the market in the coming years due to advances made by Swiss company Evolva and Californian R&D partner Abunda Nutrition, which it plans to acquire. Read the full article


This link takes you to a television programme by Telebasel, a well-known TV station in the Basel region. The contribution is in Swiss-German. It gives a good overview of our activities as well as recent news flow and includes an interview with Jutta Heim.


Starting with yeast (Starthilfe durch Hefe) In their search for new lead structures our (Roche’s) medicinal chemists have recently been using genetic chemistry, an ingenious approach to the expansion of natural product screening, to explore the opportunities open up by yeasts, in a cooperative venture with Evolva. RoSearch April 2010.

Chemistry & BIology Innovations

Evolva Breeds Small Molecule Drugs Au Naturel a Chemistry & Biology article by Wendy Wolfson Article outlines: Reality Show in a Dish, Doing What Others Couldn’t, It’s Harder to Make a Five-Legged Dog, In the Meantime, Breeding in the Black Chemistry & Biology, Volume 16, Issue 6, 26 June 2009, Pages 577–578.

Frontline-Security Magazine

Evolving new drugs with Evolva a Frontline-Security Magazine article by K John Morrow, Jr. Intro: The Theory of evolution is the cornerstone of biological science, so it is not surprising that enterprising biotechnologists could put it to work in the service of new products. Read the full article in the online Frontline-Security Magazine on page 11.

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