EV-077 is in development as a potential pharmaceutical for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy and other diabetic complications. It is in Phase II clinical studies.

In 2013, Evolva out-licensed EV-077 to Serodus (Oslo, Norway). Serodus aims to bring EV-077 through Phase II and then decide whether or not to partner for the final clinical trials and commercialisation. Evolva is entitled to clinical and regulatory milestones as well as a single-digit royalty on sales. If Serodus sublicenses EV-077 then Evolva will receive up to 30% of Serodus’ total licensing income.

As of Q2 2015 Serodus continues active development of EV-077.

  • Pharmacodynamics of EV-077 in healthy volunteers

    This peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Thrombosis illustrates the pharmacodynamic effects of EV-077, one of our legacy pharma products. Licensed to Norwegian group Serodus ASA, EV-077 is being developed for diabetic nephropathy, a progressive kidney disease caused by diabetes

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