EV-035 is a series of preclinical antibiotic compounds, of which the lead molecule is GC-072. GC-072 has shown efficacy in in vitro and in vivo studies against a wide range of bacterial pathogens, notably Burkholderia pseudomallei. This pathogen causes the disease melioidosis and is regarded as a potential bio-threat agent.

In August 2014 Evolva was awarded a contract by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to develop GC-072 as an antibiotic for the treatment of acute Melioidosis to the point of filing an IND.

In December 2014 Evolva sold the EV-035 series to Emergent BioSolutions (Maryland, USA). Evolva received USD 1.5 million from Emergent in 2014 and a further USD 4 million in 2015. If EV-035 progresses through clinical development, Evolva is potentially due clinical and regulatory milestone payments from Emergent of up to USD 65 million and tiered royalties up to a maximum of 10% on net sales.

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