Marie Curie – grants for researchers

  • European Commission

The European Commission supports European researchers with grants across Europe. One of the places they get training is Evolva.

European Commission

Making alliances work

  • Harvard Bus. Review

Evolva believes that good collaborations require good communication, good science and engineering, and of course good results.

Harvard Bus. Review

One of our “Koala” collaborators

  • Cape Otway Eco Centre

Evolva is collaborating with Australian academic experts and our friends at the University of Copenhagen to help solve the koala conundrum that is dramatically complicating conservation efforts of this quirky, much-loved marsupial.

Cape Otway Eco Centre

Saffron – the spice beyond price

  • The Telegraph

Saffron has captivated us for centuries. But, why? Color? Taste? Scent? What's behind our fascination with saffron?

The Telegraph