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A new look at an old problem with vanilla bean

  • Scientific American

After vowing to go natural, food brands face a shortage of the favored flavour.

Scientific American

Flavours of the Future

  • Perfumer & Flavorist

What’s next? Intelligent flavours, electronic noses, and even the possibility of digitalised odours?


Madagascar’s vanilla farmers face volatile times after poor harvest

  • The Guardian

As ever, weather is the challenge for Madagascar vanilla farmers

The Guardian

The Problem with Vanilla

  • c&en

Vanilla bean demand continues to outpace supply.


The strange History of Perfume, From Ancient Roman Foot Fragrance to Napoleon’s Cologne

  • Bustle

Scent & sensibility: the peculiar history of perfume.


Flavor Ingredient Library

  • FEMA

The Flavor Ingredient Library is a step forward in food industry transparency.


What makes food taste so good?

  • Scientific American

Cooking is equal parts art and science. Taste, however, is pure science.


Where does the vanilla flavour in Danish rice pudding come from?

  • Uni of Copenhagen

Foodie FYI: Danish plant biologist Birger Lindberg Møller takes a closer look vanillin and a beloved Danish holiday dessert.

Uni of Copenhagen

Why ‘Natural’ doesn’t mean anything anymore

  • The New York Times

Respected food politics thinker and academic, Michael Pollan, explains the deep flaw in our thinking about what is and what is not "natural".

The New York Times

Making vanillin in yeast

  • Applied & Env. Micro.

The biosynthesis of vanillin has enabled industries that previoulsy sourced this flavor and fragrance from petrochemicals to transition to a more sustainable source: brewed vanillin from yeast. This is a breakthrough study that helps pave the greener path.

Applied & Env. Micro.
  • Topped our upper estimate! Evolva raises CHF 86M ($86M). Cash position now > CHF 100M ($100M).

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