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Sweetening of the global diet, particularly beverages

  • The Lancet

Scientists are taking a hole new look at the physiological impacts of sugar.


Thomas Videbaek of Novozymes at World Congress 2010

  • YouTube

VIDEO: Evolva Board member Thomas Videbaek of Novozymes talks about how/why bioprocessing is vital to helping the world reach its sustainable development potential.


Cargill website

  • Cargill

Want to learn more about EverSweet™, the zero-calorie, next-generation stevia sweetener? Our partner, Cargill, explains.


An interview with Cargill’s CEO

  • Forbes

A rare and fascinating look at the CEO of one of the largest private companies on the planet, Cargill. Cargill is one of Evolva's important partners.


The Swiss Stock Exchange

  • Swiss Stock Ex.

The Swiss Stock Exchange is the best stock exchange that many people have never heard of.

Swiss Stock Ex.

Evolva’s Articles of Association

  • Evolva

Evolva's Articles, the core rules that govern Evolva.


Evolva’s page on the SIX website

  • SIX Swiss Exchange

Fast facts on Evolva on the Swiss Stock Exchange

SIX Swiss Exchange

Edison’s analyst report on Evolva

  • Edison Research

This is a financial and investment analysis of Evolva prepared by Edison Research.

Edison Research

Saffron – the spice beyond price

  • The Telegraph

Saffron has captivated us for centuries. But, why? Color? Taste? Scent? What's behind our fascination with saffron?

The Telegraph

Building a better diet soda

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg asserts that the world's soft drink producers are more keen than ever to find a new sweetener for their diet sodas that has the right taste and calorie reduction.


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