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Why scientists are losing the fight to communicate

  • The Guardian

Lost in translation: scientists still struggle to communicate with us

The Guardian

The Synthetic Biology Era is Here

  • SingularityHub

Is there such a thing as a synbio era?


Evolva “natural” comment to FDA

  • Evolva

Evolva spells out its view on "natural"


FoodNav’s special edition on sugar reduction


Sugar’s health impact triggers innovation and regulations.


Resveratrol induces autophagy by directly inhibiting mTOR through ATP competition

  • Scientific Reports

Resveratrol's remarkable role in autophagy


A peek at the possibilities of Biodesign

  • The Washington Post

Biology: it's all about design

The Washington Post

Madagascar’s vanilla farmers face volatile times after poor harvest

  • The Guardian

As ever, weather is the challenge for Madagascar vanilla farmers

The Guardian

Improving the production of flavonoids in yeast

  • FEMS Yeast Research 2017

Evolva scientists tackling an unwanted side reaction of yeast Tsc13 for improved production of flavonoids


Cheating death

  • The Economist

Can we really slow ageing?

The Economist

Synthetic genome engineering forging new frontiers for wine yeast

  • Critical Reviews in Biotechnolgy

Opening new frontiers in wine yeast

Critical Reviews in Biotechnolgy

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