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Natuurlijke Aroma

  • npo

Investigative reporters from Dutch TV take a closer look at food ingredients. The interview with Neil at Evolva Copenhagen starts min. 16:57.


The Future of Food Production Will Look A Lot Like Brewing Beer

  • Fortune

Companies want to go more natural, but they’re running into constraints.


A new look at an old problem with vanilla bean

  • Scientific American

After vowing to go natural, food brands face a shortage of the favored flavour.

Scientific American

Forskolin and its biosynthesis

  • eLIFE

Evolva Scientists find a more sustainable and more efficient way to produce forskolin, a biologically active diterpene with potential uses to induce weight loss, reduce blood pressure and more.


Cargill believes it has passed the stevia taste test

  • BeverageDaily

New US nutrition labels and stevia


Resveratrol to slow ageing of synapses and muscle fibers

  • The Journals of Gerontology

This study found that resveratrol significantly slows aging of Neuromuscular Synapses.


Flavours of the Future

  • Perfumer & Flavorist

What’s next? Intelligent flavours, electronic noses, and even the possibility of digitalised odours?


Synthetic Biology in Europe

  • Vimeo

VIDEO: Synbio cropping up everywhere in Europe


Why scientists are losing the fight to communicate

  • The Guardian

Lost in translation: scientists still struggle to communicate with us

The Guardian

The Synthetic Biology Era is Here

  • SingularityHub

Is there such a thing as a synbio era?


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