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Madagascar’s vanilla farmers face volatile times after poor harvest

  • The Guardian

As ever, weather is the challenge for Madagascar vanilla farmers

The Guardian

Synthetic genome engineering forging new frontiers for wine yeast

  • Critical Reviews in Biotechnolgy

Opening new frontiers in wine yeast

Critical Reviews in Biotechnolgy

Pomegranates, turmeric and red grapes: the key to long life?

  • The Guardian

Study looks at healthy ageing impact of certain spices and fruit

The Guardian

Stunning Videos of Evolution in action

  • The Atlantic

VIDEO: Evolution in motion

The Atlantic

Current Zika transmission

  • ecdc

The world map showing the spread of Zika virus

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Improving the production of flavonoids in yeast

  • FEMS Yeast Research 2017

Evolva scientists tackling an unwanted side reaction of yeast Tsc13 for improved production of flavonoids

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The Problem with Vanilla

  • c&en

Vanilla bean demand continues to outpace supply.

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iGEM Synthetic Biology based on standard parts

  • iGEM

Around the globe, bio-curious students are engineering with biology like never before

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The food addiction

  • Scientific American

Is there such a thing as food addiction?


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