The Future of Food Production Will Look A Lot Like Brewing Beer

An article by Beth Kowitt published by Fortune

The latest new buzzword in food tech? Fermentation. And we’re not talking about the kimchi or kombucha kind.

Rather, it’s a process increasingly used by food companies to answer a ballooning demand for natural ingredients that are hard to come by. Instead of sourcing these ingredients from nature, food scientists are creating them through an industrial method that they describe as similar to brewing beer.

Food production is a lot like brewing beer. Scientist in the fermentation lab observes the brewing process.

Evolva scientist observes the brewing process.

Here’s how it works: Scientists identify the desired genes in a plant or animal and insert them into a host such as yeast. The yeast is fed sugars and nutrients to stimulate fermentation. Then the yeast and its genes are filtered off, and the desired ingredient is purified out of the remaining broth.

Companies want to go more natural, but they’re running into constraints, and fermentation offers a way to make ingredients without being reliant on a challenged supply chain.

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