An interview with Neil

EVOLVA: an Interview with CEO Neil Goldsmith

by Daniela Quaglia published in PLOS Synbio Community


Founded in 2004, Evolva is one of the first synthetic biology companies ever created, and it is a beautiful example of a successful business in our field. Evolva employs more than 175 people around the globe and since 2009 it has been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX: EVE). Evolva’s CEO Neil Goldsmith kindly agreed to walk us through the company’s history, goals, and philosophy in a very inspiring interview.

Neil Goldsmith, CEO of Evolva
Neil Goldsmith, CEO of Evolva


A bit of history

At the time in which Evolva was founded people were not speaking much about synthetic biology, at least using this terminology. As Goldsmith points out:

We actually did not know that we were setting up a synthetic biology company because the term was not really in use. At the time we called what we did ‘genetic chemistry’.

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