Mission & Strategy

Evolva discovers and provides innovative, high value, sustainable ingredients - in particular for health, wellness and nutrition.

Evolva follows a business to business model, providing ingredients (and technologies for making ingredients) to other companies, in particular in the food and beverage, consumer health and pharmaceutical sectors. We aim to be excellent at the discovery and implementation of new ingredient production routes, as well as the discovery of novel functional ingredients

Our internal focus is on high value ingredients with relatively low production volumes – tonnes or hundreds of tonnes per year, rather than hundreds of thousands of tonnes. We see this focus as best fitting our competitive strengths as a small, highly innovative, company. In line with this we do not ourselves pursue low margin, low price sectors such as biofuels or bulk chemicals – though we are happy to help companies who do have such a focus, in return for a share of the value we bring.

Our strategy has been developed with reference to three key factors, namely:

1. Evolva’s competitive strengths

Our key competitive strengths lie in our innovative technologies, as well as an entrepreneurial mindset. At the same time our background in highly regulated, science driven, sectors means we are comfortable with the regulation of products that are consumed by people – whether as foods, personal care products or pharmaceuticals

2. Favorable global macrotrends

The number of “medium affluent” consumers across the world is increasing sharply. Such individuals typically desire better health and better quality food at an affordable price. This coincides with generally increased consumer awareness of health and nutrition, and the fact that we are all (not only as individuals, but as populations) getting older – again increasing our focus on health. Similar trends are, to a lesser extent, driving demand for products that are environmentally sustainable. Yet at the same time consumers want such benefits without compromising on the intrinsic appeal (taste, smell, look) of a product, or its cost, or indeed its ease of use. Finally pressures in the developed world for governments to reduce expenditure are creating demand (from both governments and consumers) for products that can provide health benefits without the high costs of novel pharmaceuticals.

3. Risk Adjusted Returns

The discovery and provision of ingredients for nutrition and consumer products has much lower development costs and risks, and much shorter timelines to market than is the case for novel chemical entity pharmaceuticals. At the same time margins can still be very attractive. Further there are often major synergies in the discovery and development of apparently different ingredients. Thus the work we have put into vanillin also can be used to create capsaicinoids (the active ingredients of chilli peppers) with applications ranging from analgesia to weight loss. Combined, these factors mean a focus on ingredients has, we believe, the potential for a better risk adjusted return than the conventional biotech emphasis on novel pharmaceuticals.

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