Neil Goldsmith CEO and Cofounder
Jakob Dynnes Hansen, MBA Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Jørgen Hansen Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Luc Gruner Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Dr. Panchapagesa Murali Managing Director & CEO, Evolva India
Dr. Pascal Longchamp Chief Business Officer
Dr. Simon Waddington Chief Operating Officer (Products)

Neil Goldsmith, British national, domiciled in Switzerland, born in 1963.

Neil Goldsmith is a co-founder, a member of the Board of Directors and CEO of Evolva since its founding in April 2004. Mr Goldsmith has a 25-year track record in building successful biotech companies from the ground up. He was a co-founder of TopoTarget A/S and Personal Chemistry AB (now called Biotage AB), which are now listed on the Copenhagen and Stockholm exchanges, respectively. Prior to that, Mr Goldsmith was Chief Executive Officer of Auda Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Phytera, Inc.), GX Biosystems and PNA Diagnostics (acquired by Boehringer Mannheim). Previously, he was VP Business Development for Pharmacia Biosensor (later BIAcore AB), and a Board member of Quadrant Healthcare. Mr Goldsmith started his career in biotech at Scientific Generics in Cambridge, UK after a short spell in consumer marketing. He received a First Class Honours BA degree in Zoology from Balliol College, University of Oxford, and is a graduate of the New Enterprise Programme at the Scottish Enterprise Foundation, University of Stirling. Mr Goldsmith does not hold any significant external Board memberships.

Jakob Dynnes Hansen, MBA, Danish national, domiciled in Switzerland, born in 1955.

Mr Hansen has been the Chief Financial Officer of Evolva since September 2007. Mr Hansen has 25 years of experience in biotech/pharmaceuticals and financing. Prior to joining Evolva, he was CFO of Nuevolution A/S and before that Zealand Pharma A/S, where he led several financing rounds and major partnership agreements. Prior to Zealand Pharma, Mr Hansen was Senior Vice-President, at Unibank (now Nordea), where he was involved in more than 50 corporate finance transactions. Prior to Unibank, Mr Hansen was Head of Market Research at Novo Nordisk and he has worked for the United Nations (UNIDO) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mr Hansen holds an MSc in Economics from University of Copenhagen and an MBA from Insead. Mr Hansen does not hold any significant external Board memberships.

Dr. Jørgen Hansen, Danish national, born in 1962.

Jørgen Hansen joined in 2005 as Head of Research at Evolva Biotech A/S, the group’s Danish unit. He moved to the Chief Scientific Officer position in May 2013. Before joining Evolva, Jørgen held research and managerial positions in the biotech company Poalis A/S and at the Carlsberg Laboratory, where he also did his Ph.D. studies. In these companies, he gathered extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of small molecule biosynthesis, enzymatic glycosylation and yeast engineering. During his career, he has published more than 20 peer reviewed scientific papers and five book chapters and reviews. In addition, he holds multiple patents and patent applications. Jørgen has a Ph.D. in Yeast Genetics from the University of Copenhagen. He remains active in several academic institutions, but has no board mandates at other companies.

Dr. Luc Gruner, French national.

Luc Gruner has been appointed to the new position of Chief Sales & Marketing Officer in 2014. Luc joined Evolva in 2010 and has a broad background in sales/marketing, strategic planning and business development. He has been instrumental in acquiring and managing several of our partnering projects. During his career he has held senior sales and management positions in both biotechnology and specialty chemicals companies (including Bim Kemi, Hercules & WR Grace). Luc has a PhD in Physical Chemistry and an MBA from INSEAD. He doesn't hold any board mandates outside Evolva.

Dr. Panchapagesa Murali, Indian national, born in 1961.

Dr. Panchapagesa Murali has been the Chief Executive Officer of Evolva Biotech Private Limited, the Company’s Indian subsidiary, since September 2006. Dr. Murali has over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical & health care R&D, including management of more than ten clinical trials, in particular in respiratory diseases. Previously, he was Founder and Director (for 16 years) of Dalmia Centre for Research and Development, developing and launching natural product-based therapeutics, and Founder and Chairman of MLC & Netpeople group of IT & Telecom companies (networking solutions, banking security and communication services). Dr. Murali is a former Indo-US scientist at Battelle-Kettering, Ohio, and fellow of Unilever India. He received a PhD in Microbiology and Microbial Technology from Madurai Kamaraj University. Dr. Murali is the President of the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises in India. He is on the Board of Dalmia Research and Development Limited and a member of the Governing Board of Dalmia Centre for Research and Development. Dr. Murali is Vice-President and Treasurer of the Indian Red Cross Society. He is also Chairperson of the Biotech panel of the Confederation of Indian Industrys Tamil Nadu and a member of the Vision Group of the Government of Karnataka.

Dr. Pascal Longchamp, Swiss national, born in 1962.

Dr. Pascal Longchamp was appointed the Company’s Chief Business Officer in 2010. Prior to that, Dr. Longchamp was Vice-President Business Development since March 2005. Dr. Longchamp has spent over 15 years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, covering R&D, Management and Business Development positions on the West Coast (USA) and in Switzerland. Previously, he was the Director of Business Development at Phyllom (2003), and a part of Maxygen’s successful IPO. At Maxygen, Dr. Longchamp was in charge of two corporate alliances and promotion of its gene shuffling platform technology to third parties. At Phistem, Maxygen and Phyllom, Dr. Longchamp was responsible for corporate development, strategic alliances, in- and out-licensing, leading international research collaboration and US government contract with the Department of Defense. He received a PhD in Genetics and Microbiology from the University of Lausanne, followed by postdoctoral researches at UC Berkeley in Molecular Biology and at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Biodefence. Dr. Longchamp has an MBA from HEC Business School, Lausanne. Dr. Longchamp is a founder and Chairman of the Board of Phistem sarl.

Dr. Simon Waddington, British national, domiciled in San Francisco, California, born in 1964.

Simon Waddington is COO (Products) and CEO of Evolva Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. He was previously President and CEO of Abunda Nutrition, Inc. which was acquired by Evolva in July 2011. He spent more than a decade as a venture capitalist. He was a managing partner at Poly-Technos Venture Partners, based in Munich, Germany, where he led and supported investments in numerous life science and advanced materials-related companies in Europe, Israel and the US. Prior to that, he started and ran Monsanto’s European corporate venturing activities from Brussels, Belgium, where he sourced and supported innovations across the medical, agricultural, nutrition, health care services and advanced materials sectors. Before that he was Product Development Manager for Zeneca’s biopolymers business, which pioneered the fermentation-based production of bio-degradable polymers from renewable feedstocks. Prior to that, he served as a Senior Research Scientist for ICI specialising in surface and interface science. Simon earned his PhD in Physics from Liverpool University and his MBA from the Harvard Business School. He does not hold any significant external Board memberships.

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